Standard Features
Unique Features


Unique Design

Unique Systems in the market of sports science and human performance applications 

  • One chamber offering the combination of a variety of environmental parameters including temperature/humidity, CO2, O2, solar, wind, rain drop and snow
  • Safe system for human use
  • Installations in the worldwide institutes

Custom-Built Systems

  • The chambers are custom-built for the customers to achieve their unique and desired weather conditions
  • Chamber dimensions and accessories based on customer demand
  • Specification / layout discussions and confirmations before the production


Unique Optional Chamber Features

  • Horizontal air flow to achieve +/-0.5C and +/-3%RH@0.2m/s air flow in uniformity
  • Good uniformity in low air flow.  Higher the air flow, better the accuracy

  • Noise Level  ~50dB
  • V-shape ventilation design
  • Waterproof sound absorbing material

LED Lamp with one single control for both color and intensity

  • Color: 3000 to 6000K adjustable
  • Dimmable
  • Working temperature: -40 to 80C
  • No condensation at low temperature

Superior Quality

Our chambers are equipped with the reliable components from the recognizable brands in the market, such as:      

  • Bitzer Compressor
  • Siemens PLC
  • Schneider Electronic
  • Compair Air Compressor
  • SPX Filter
  • etc


Emergency cover 

  • Brand: UK SSP
  • Flip open
  • Curved front
  • Extra deep
  • Fastastic outlooking


Epoxy floor 

  • Brand: Flowcrete
  • Resistance: thermal, water, slip resistance
  • Hardness: high tensile and compressive stregth
  • 3 layers


Below are the photos of some parts:

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